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Portfolio: Meet the Tigers World Family

Tiger\'s World of Martial Arts, Inc. is a family owned and operated martial arts and fitness gym. Our instructors are experienced and committed to your success.

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Dieuseul Berto


Former Pride Fighter, Experienced Instructor & Personal Trainer, Owner & Benovolent Patriarch... Master Berto knows what it is to be faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Ask anyone who knows this man and they will tell you that “Berto” meets challenge with awe inspiring strength and spirit. His strength and spirit are felt by all those around him and people instinctively want at least a piece of what he has; he’s glad to give it – with gusto – if you’re willing to take it.  Read more

Edson Berto


A professional mixed martial artist and the current RFC Light Weight MMA Champion. He has also competed for EliteXC and Strikeforce. He holds a professional record of 14-5-1 and has a wonderful sense of humor too. Edson is currently training for up and coming fights in the fall. Read more

Andre Berto


He represented Haiti in the 2004 Olypics and as an amateur, Mike won a bronze medal in the 2003 World Amateur Championships. He was also a two-time National Golden Gloves champion, a two-time National PAL champion, a three-time U.S. amateur championship medalist, and also won 22 state titles in Florida. Read more

Revelina Berto


"Na Na", the sweetest Berto, treated everyone to a wonderful debut fight this summer! Yes, she is beautiful, great with the kids and a sweet heart... but she can also stomp you flat. We can't wait for the next round! Revelina is our next generation of champions.  Read more



Cleveland, the 2000 State of Florida Freestyle Wrestling Champion,attended the University of San Fransisco where he majored in theatre and then moved to California where he is a personal trainer; however, when ever and where ever there is a Berto fight you will see him there.  Read more

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