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Dieuseul "Tiger" Berto

Dieuseul “Tiger” Berto: Former Pride Fighter, Experienced Instructor & Personal Trainer, Owner & Benovolent Patriarch… Master Berto knows what it is to be faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Ask anyone who knows this man and they will tell you that “Berto” meets challenge with awe inspiring strength and spirit. His strength and spirit are felt by all those around him and people instinctively want at least a piece of what he has; he’s glad to give it – with gusto – if you’re willing to take it.

Not so long ago Berto, athlete, successful Pride fighter, and family man found himself awakening from a coma after a horrendous automobile accident that left him unable to walk, or talk, or even feed himself. Any man would have found it easy to give in and give up faced with this situation; however, Dieuseul Berto is not your run-of-the-mill ordinary man. Berto is a fighter through and through. With the support of his family, Berto was able to dig deep and fight his greatest fight. He called upon his athletic training, his spirituality, and his unstoppable personal will power to rebuild himself. Oh yes, he won.

Master Berto

Amazingly, this tragic event resulted in the recreation of a man, a career, a life and a passion to give to others that has changed and continues to change so many people physically, emotionally, and yes, spiritually – mysterious ways indeed.

With the assistance of his “home grown” family of champions, Berto’s Tigers World has provided physical fitness & weight-loss programs for children, adults, and professional fighters in Winter Haven for 12 years. It may be because the Berto family consists of professional fighters, champions and title belt holders like Andre “Mike”Berto – Undefeated Pro Boxer, Cleveland – Fla. State Wrestling Champ, J – Lightning Fast – Lee, Revelina – Blackbelt, and Edson “Little Tiger” Berto – RFC Title Belt Holder, that their programs are more than just fitness routines that produce physical improvements, although they most certainly do that. Berto and his crew of enthusiastic trainers deliver much more. Ask the folks who go to Tigers World what the work outs are like and you are likely to receive a variety of responses as there are a wide variety of folks who participate and each one comes away with something different – something they can’t find from other gyms or work-outs.

Ask someone why they go to Tigers World, you will get answers like: “it’s great stress relief” ”it’s great fun” “it’s like a dance party” “it’s boot camp, but in a good way” “it’s a family” “it’s the best kick-butt work-out”… Master Berto, his trainers, his family and his programs are the real thing; they provide a heart-to-heart, baptism-by-sweat work-out, and the most fun you will have getting fit.

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