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Edson "Little Tiger" Berto

Edson “Little Tiger” Berto: is a professional mixed martial artist who is trained by his father, Dieuseul Berto that appeared in the  UFC 9, 10 and competed with mixed martial arts in Japan for several years.  Edson’s incredible athleticism and talents have also stretched him to compete as a professional soccer player while living in Haiti.  He currently has been training for MMA for the past years now and prefers the Muay Thai style stand up fighting.  Edson’s forte would be his devastating leg kicks that chopped down his opponents as if he was wielding and axe.  His ground game is extremely immense and is also known for his unexpected leg lock variations.  All but one of his matches has been won by submission – all by way of heel hook.  His fans have had a taste of both wins, by his stand up and down on the ground.  Currently Edson is the Florida Lightweight Champion and the former RFC Lightweight Champion.  Through the years he has fought for the HFC, RFC, EliteX, Strike Force Promotions and many more. 

Edsons training regimen consists of grueling workouts that include:  MMA by his father and training partners, boxing with his brother Andre, Wrestling with his other brother Cleveland and strength conditioning.  He is also a certified personal fitness trainer, and enjoys instructing others with self defense, weight loss, physical fitness and nutrition.  Contact Edson today for Personal Trainer Rates.

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