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Tiger Vascular

Tiger Vascular Boxing Fitness is the hottest workout in town. You will learn practical techniques of self-defense in a high-energy class that is never boring like other workouts. Punches, kicks, elbows, knees... all done to music in a fun and exciting way that anyone can learn. ...but what students tell us they like most about our Tiger Vascular Boxing Fitness program is that it gets them in the best shape of their lives.

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MMA Fight Class

The Fighter Class trains hard and trains to win in a variety of fighting styles including: Muy Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, Shoot Fighting, Jiu Jitsu & Tae Kwon-Do. Professional experienced Instructors give their all -- come ready to work and sweat.

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Kids MMA Class

Fighters of all ages are invited to attend the Tiger's World MMA classes. Certified & Experienced Instructors provide lessons with each participant's skill level and physical ability taken into consideration. Students are challenged to do their individual best and 100% effort is expected. Quality Martial Arts programs are a proven contributor to increases in levels of self defense, self esteem, academic acheivement, discipline and, of course, phyiscal fitness. Come see!

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12-Week Challenge

The FALL 12-Week Challenge is on! 12 Weeks of intense training. Participants will amaze themselves - they will do what they never thought they could! Why? How? Because our participants receive more work-out time, more motivation and more support and attention from our staff than any other gym or program around provides.

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Rates & Fees

We have corporate discounts for many local companies!

Try the Cardio Boxing Fitness Class one time with no obligation for $15 - but we know you will love it. A one year contract membership is $65. If you prefer to pay month to month with the option to cancel at anytime, the monthly fee is $85. Try out the Fighter's Class for $20. A 1 year membership for the Figher's Class is $85 for a yearly automatically deducted contract and $120 for a month to month payment plan.

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It is said that your journey begins with a single step and I'm glad I stepped into Tiger Vascular. I am a result of hard work. I now live to inspire and pray that my impact is greater than my lifespan. This is a journey worth traveling. *Forever Tiger Tough*


I'm an Artist and the oldest chick at Tigers World. I don't take any type of meds and I can run with the youngest. Today I am healthier than I have ever been at any age, all because Mr. Berto believed I could do this. He had me believing and that changed everything I do now. No Doctors, No Meds, just the workouts at Tigers World.


I have rarely been sucessful on a diet/exercise plan. I knew this would be diferent. I knew after my 1st class that I found it. Something was different,,,, I LOVED IT! This knew this would be a start of a lot of positive changes in my life.


Where everything else has failed. The Tiger Vascular classes and the 12 Week Challenge really work! I am in the best shape I have ever been. Mr Berto and his staff transformed my body by just doing squats, push-ups, crunches and using 5lb weights. No \"Fancy\" gym equipment needed. You Guys Rock!


Papa Berto and the Tiger’s World Staff = God’s secret angels to assist you in achieving your ultimate goal of becoming a healthier/happier you!

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