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12 Week Challenge

Tiger’s World 12-Week Challenge!



Results ARE typical at Tigers World!  Our unique fitness program is designed to help clients achieve their fitness goals through motivation, encouragement, commitment, and determination, and faith!


The Tiger’s World 12-Week Challenge is more than a weight-loss program or body-building contest. The Tiger Vascular program provides cardio training, weight training, muscle toning, improves flexibility, builds endurance and stamina and confidence, instills self-discipline and self confidence and provides an excellent outlet for stress. The training and experience of our participants is carried with them for the rest of their lives.

Some mornings i would finish working out, go shower and get dressed for work and burst out into tears because I no longer had clothes that would fit…It was like I didn’t even know what size to buy anymore… That’s when it came to me that I had come a long way.

The Tiger Vascular 12-Week Challenge is coordinated and lead by experienced and professional athletes and trainers. Every participant has access to support and consultation with the creator and facilitator of the program. In addition, each participant has a team of trainers and numerous assistant coaches available for support, advice and motivation.

…I have rarely been successful on a diet/exercise plan. I knew this would be different. I told my husband after the first class that I found it. Something was different. I loved it. This would be the start of a lot of positive changes in our life.

The average personal trainer charges $30 to $100 an hour. Tiger’s World Challengers have not one, but a crew of personal trainers at their disposal. Each with his or her own special expertise and talents to share. The cost of the 12-Week Tiger Vascular Challenge program is $475 ($350 for existing members).

The 12-week program includes 36 special Challenge participant only classes. That alone is less than $10 a class. Participants are also welcome and encouraged to attend the regular Cardio workouts at Tiger’s World – no additional charge! That is an additional 7 classes a week – a total of 120 classes…$3.75 a class!


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