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What is Tiger’s World’s Tiger Vascular Boxing Fitness and what makes it different from all the other cardio boxing workouts out there?


Tiger’s World program is not another “prepackaged” generic cardio workout or scripted health club class.  At Tiger’s World you participate in a program that was developed by the creator, founder, owner, former professional fighter, personal trainer…, Dieuseul Berto for his own personal rehabilitation. Berto created the basics of the Tiger Vascular program after a horrific automobile accident left him wheelchair bound, in constant pain and battling major weight gain. He adapted a fighter’s training to accommodate his limited physical abilities. He then combined the physical training with the diet and nutrition needs of a fighter.  He combined: cardio pumping activities and strength training, stretching and meditation, diet and nutrition to push his limits and rebuild his body from the inside out. The result is a program that takes an individual at practically any fitness level and provides them the opportunity — if they are willing — to become the best they can be.

The next step was to create a team of trainers.  The Tiger’s World team consists of a variety of trainers who each bring their own special skills, expertise and experiences; these include: instruction in martial arts, professional fighting, body building, medical training, personal training, and first-hand experience with dramatic weight-loss and physical transformation. Berto makes certain that the basics of the program remain consistent; however, classes vary with instructor’s style and unique skills.  Every Tiger’s World class incorporates authentic boxing and mixed martial arts techniques along with traditional (and sometimes not so traditional) exercises in a sequence and at intensity level that delivers a major return on your investment.

Life is all about change and growth.  While the Tiger’s World programs are wildly successful and popular and  Berto and his team are vigilant to maintain integrity and consistency to their programs, they also continue to develop and improve.  …but, rest assured, Tiger’s World will always provide the best workout and the best results!


Why should you (yes, YOU) try Tiger’s World?


Our members said to tell you…

  • It’s fun
  • It’s an amazing work-out
  • They encourage you to do that little bit more even when you think you can’t
  • Bring a friend and laugh you butt off
  • You’ll look cool in boxing gloves
  • You will feel great
  • The staff are soooo nice
  • Your energy level will increase like you won’t believe!
  • Every class is a party – a crazy workout party
  • You will lose weight even if nothing else has motivated you
  • Master Berto’s words of wisdom and encouragement
  • It is always a little bit different with each trainer
  • I bought those super skinny jeans at Macy’s and I look hot in them (not a guy)
  • Total butt-kicking fun
  • You can bring your family
  • I lowered my bloodpressure by 20 points
  • Tight sexy buns
  • This is the best workout ever
  • You will get really strong
  • Your husband will love the results too
  • Larry’s protein shakes are yummy – can’t believe they are good for you too
  • It feels good
  • Yes, it does get easier… and then it gets harder again : )
  • You can wear a cute bathing suit to the beach and look fine in it
  • Do it for yourself!



What does it cost?


1 Class $15.00
Tryout out a cardio class with no obligation (‘cuz we know you are going to love it and come back anyway) for $15.00

1 Year Membership: $65
I year automatic deduction with no cancellation

I Month $85
Month to month automatic deduction membership can be cancelled at anytime

Enrollment Registration Fee- $45
Yes, paperwork and setting up accounts is time consuming and we’d rather be working out

Gloves- $28
You definitely want to have a nice fresh pair of bag gloves to workout with (loaner gloves at the gym are deadly sticko), plus you can leave them on the seat of you car and look super tough at work, Publix or the gas station.

Toning DVD- $23
Take a little bit of the Tiger’s World workout home with you. Yes, it’s not as much fun as actually being here will us, but if you are traveling or looking for something to do on a Sunday afternoon… here were are!


Monday9:00am 5:30pm 6:30pm
Tuesday6:00am 12noon
Wednesday12noon 5:30pm 6:30pm
Thursday6:00am 5:30pm 6:30pm
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